anil madhavapeddy //

Active Research
OCaml Labs Real-world function programming
Mirage Multi-scale, high-performance type-safe applications
Signposts End-to-end networking in a world of insane middleboxes
MRC2 Resilient, composable and secure distributed cloud infrastructure
CIEL A universal distributed execution engine
CTSRD Rethinking the hardware/software security interface
C-AWARE Making consumers aware of their energy usage
Personal Containers Computing infrastructure for a lifetime of personal and social data
Past Research
Melange Constructing high-performance, statically type-safe network applications
Meta Packet Language language to write efficient OCaml packet parsing and generation code
Statecall Policy Language embed statically model-checked and dynamically enforced automata in applications
Ubiquitous Interaction Devices Building tommorrow's technology on today's hardware
Audio Networking The forgotten wireless technology
SpotCode Interfaces Interact with your environment using a mobile phone
Context-Aware Telephony Demonstrating the benefits of integrating telephones and PCs
Released Software
Blueproxy Bluetooth to TCP proxy server BSD
Subethaedit OCaml mode Syntax highlighting modes for OCaml in the popular MacOS X editor BSD
Review2Atom Convert academic paper reviews into Atom 1.0 feeds BSD
Symbian Image Collect Using Symbian Python to push camera images via Bluetooth BSD
Mercurial FastCGI FastCGI scripts for serving Mercurial (0.9.x) repositories Public Domain
My GitHub Page My new projects are all up there. ISC
Free Software Projects
OpenBSD A secure, multi-platform UNIX-like operating system. BSD
GCC bounds checker Statically locate common programming errors in C. BSD
Privsep Syslogd Privilege separate syslogd to not listen to network as super-user. BSD
OpenFX 3D modelling, animation and rendering for Windows. GPL
Past Projects
PHP Scripting language for web development. PHP
The Horde Project Open-source, PHP-based web application suite. LGPL
Chora Web-based Version Control viewer that uses Horde. GPL