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We munch the yummy grub
The groom and best man agree that their top hats are cool
Has Ed lost Jon's ring?
We restrain Henry from playing any practical jokes
Nick looks shocked that Jon is getting hitched!
Great shot of Jon and Clare Cake cutting commences Who are these cheeky Cambridge chaps anyway?! The Ludlam frog has a place of honour beside granny ... and table 2 Scotty's table and Rich's table Harry ruins his shirt before the wedding even starts! Kieran and Jane had a lot of practise posing A terribly blurry cake cutting Kieran's dad gave a rousing speech, and he didn't fall over either The assembled guests at the Lucy Cavendish hall Kieran and Jane did a salsa number for their first dance The Celleigh begins, no fatalities reported That blur is Ali Tse, greased lightning And this blur is Dave, having been convinced to dance (!!) The sprawling venue for Jon Harrop's wedding The hat demonstrates what it looks like with an Eleanor attached Has Ed lost Jon's ring? ... and Henry is just excited, as you can tell by the blur My only picture of the actual wedding is blurred! Nooooo! Outside, the bridesmaids and Jon and Clare The bride's family assembled And the Ludlams smile for the camera! The Ludlam brothers Nobody told Nick to stop posing, haha Table 1 Our table! The lovely wedding harpist! The Ludlam frog gets jiggy with it while Harrop looks on stunned ... and ends with a smile! The boogying begins Clare leaps around in her wedding dress, very athletic! ... while Jon entertains all ages Dom and Nick in a synchronised tie-donning competition Henry does this every day at school... ... so his attempt comes up nice and smooth! Nick poses with the Ludlam clan We restrain Henry from playing any practical jokes Everyone rushes off to the chapel... And a gorgeous Eleanor shows up in the nick of time! Ali Tse approves, as we compete to sneak up behind the happy couple What does Imogen want? ... Daddy's hat of course! An aerial shot of the guests Ali surreptitously sneaks the thumbs in I manage to sneak behind them! w00t! Team Harrop say 'yo' Flynn Ludlam looks bouncier than the average baby Another table with Becks, Zorah and Edgar all looking happy Rich and Scottie's dad deep in discussion Flynn takes centre stage again, he didnt cry once! Scottie in 'actually dancing' shocker The evening is too much for old-man Mansley From that plate of sandwiches, you realize why Jon is nicked 'Harrop the Humungously Huge' Flynn and Ed ... separated at birth!! I gatecrash Mala's sister's wedding reception Seb looks bemused while Sheree is a blur of social activity We munch the yummy grub Madhavi and Hari walking down the aisle The assembled guests Pakirareddy uncle and Lakshmi aunty look happy! Cheeky grin for the camera Pritham looks overly sincere, must be adults present! Henry outside the chapel The solemn location itself The ushers looking primped up making sure Jon doesnt run away Clare arrives with her bridal party Mr Ludlam makes sure the clan frog is happy Dom expresses his opinion Nick looks shocked that Jon is getting hitched! The grounds proved to perfect for a civilized game of croquet Very Harry Potter! Jon looks terribly dashing beside a floral Yvonne I should turn this into a baby blog! The bridesmaids creep up on the happy couple, but what are they up to?! Weee! All is revealed There was a most excellent wedding cake Jon practises his Santa routine, sans beard Lee drinks too much coffee? From pristine white to ... the chocolate fountain! Woo hoo! It's a party in your mouth and everyone's invited Jamie wonders if the wedding bouquet is real Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Eleanor goes choco-crazy Rich Edgar and the lovely Jill in a somewhat grainy zoom-shot Jon and Emma take to the dance floor! Later, we ponder life, darts and bubbles The Harrop residence, the most English place I've ever been to Rich Evans provides light entertainment for us ... as does the ObCuteBaby The groom and best man agree that their top hats are cool