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A nice view of the Seattle countryside near the hotel
The acropolis, with scaffolding and all
A really nice skyline of Calgary on the way to the Ship We make our way up the mountain The startlingly blue lake peeks through the trees Not going up there thankfully! Amazing view! Capturing forests, mountains and lake in one picture A gorgeous view of the area to finish up A view of the street outside Anand's new house in Camarillo The Cambridge hike with Syb and Alex started off lovely Lovely views from the punt A random shot from the rooftop party of the Calcutta skyline View of the city as we climb higher The acropolis, with scaffolding and all Another view of the city from the mountain Marble, marble, marble.. Another building at the Acropolis A stormy view of Calgary city Lovely mountain views emerge The view is just worth looking at over and over A nice shot from the base of the lake Still a lot of snow for the time of year The rooftop view shows technology mixed in with the traditional Caught these shots sitting on a rooftop restaurant A pretty glorious evening... The market starts to light up their fires The smells wafting up were pretty nice as well! Capturing more of the market area Different exposure shot, shorter lens snap A last one of the mosque in the distance as they started the evening call to prayer A nice view of the Seattle countryside near the hotel