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The Karnatic Jazz is in full swing across the floor
Capturing the skyline of San Francisco
Ack takes the wheel around San Fran Its hiller than Cambridge eh Capturing the skyline of San Francisco A roadside shot San Francisco at night, on St. Paddys The coffee bars are certainly more raucous than in England Trying to find my way in San Francisco Partying it up, Irish-style! Everywhere is green and crowded A good name for the end of an evening Stuck in Market in San Fran when it's far too late... Heading up the BART into 24th and Mission.  It's a longgg way up... Cool murals await immediately outside the station My target for the evening is the Red Poppy Art House, on the very Brixton-like Folsom Street Wandering around Folsom Street reveals this incredibly painted... school. You don't find this in Belfast. Even the houses are distinctly done up. I find this wierd (Japanese?) restaurant done up to look like a church, or is it the other way around. A friendly passerby informs me that this all down to an urban reconstruction project happening here in the last few years This one was near an Ethiopian art exhibition near 23rd and Mission Inside the Red Poppy; a nice intimate studio with ecletic art galore The Karnatic Jazz is in full swing across the floor