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Patrick and Claire put out the smoking poses for the camera!
An awesome group shot of the Robinson sunbathers
Sandra takes a nap while John and I frolic
A final song before heading home for some well-earned zzz
The Robinson cocktail party gets in fine swing, Wild Wild West style!
AliB and Tina last long after I am knocked out
Oh what a perfect day...
Tina Emma and Christian hang out at one of Rosie's famous parties
Tina wins!
...and another effort by the grads
These dodgy people dont listen to the Surgeon-General I think I guess Tina wins the yoga bet Kostas Tina and Rich assemble for pancake day! Ricardo proves himself a flipping maestro as Kostas watches in awe Yum! Cheese... The crew is hard at work to feed me Tina shows her inner artistry And we're spent Tina takes an exam break by making us lots of cheese! The intrepid MCR crew heads out to punt on a gorgeous day Catherine concentrates on serving strawberries and cream as we dodge punts Nice view of old buildings as we punt down the Backs Lovely views from the punt Amazingly sunny day, if a bit blurry Bridge of sighs Oh what a perfect day... AliB looks oddly thoughtful between Twister matches Kostas needs to work on his yoga a bit A valiant 2v1 effort continues This man does not give up! And the inevitable happens... Half time Gurdeep dominates Rosie gets on the coffee! Halloween formal hall at Robinson Tina gets ambushed! Jane in a genuinely scary costume, with the hilarious Saleh behind her These costumes werent quite as scary A lot of pointy hats were to be seen Imogen makes friends quickly at College Rich ponders something.  Probably which dessert to get Anton plays the accordian ... and actually plays it well! Robinson MCR Committee, 2004-2005, a rowdy bunch! Tina Emma and Christian hang out at one of Rosie's famous parties We wander around taking shots of visitors Tatyana and John look East Coast Philly What are we singing? The Magdalene boys look quite well lubricated Ya man, the Rastas is here! Arrrr, a pirate arrr! Awww, this is chilled out, even for the normally extremely chill Olivier and Carrie Another shot of the Robinson businessmen Up top, I shoot the eating crowd And like magic, the rubber ducky appears I knew those hoola hoops spelt trouble! But Sophia is a true mistress of the lost art of hooping! The best costume winners celebrate their success! And the serious business of the limbo gets into full swing Halloween hall at Robinson, with some funky outfits Kristina makes a surprise visit back to Cambridge, hurrah! Taking photos while grabbing a swift powernap in the Robinson MCR. Patrick and Claire put out the smoking poses for the camera! Getting to the canteen sure is slippery ... but it looks lovely! Even the pond has frozen over nicely, but not quite enough to skate A nice view of College Dont Walk on the Grass Sign isnt quite snowed up, hah We escape into the warm canteen! Hanging in the MCR afterwards with Saleh and Steve Posing on the bridge, looking good Sharpy! Catharine navigates the snow with ease Scottie tries to look as buff as the snowman The ladies relax in the Robinson MCR Scotty and Catherine at table AliB and a cool shirt The students are surprisingly well-behaved tonight It can be boring after formal hall sometimes... Is AliB keeping score? I think not! Actually, he does seem to be concentrating Tina wins! We look appropriately thespian The College looks so different as the dawn breaks The swings are the place to be as morning arrives. Seb chickens out but Sheree joins me! Everyone assembles for the survivor picture and the final (awesome) 6am band and bpo We wander outside to find the world continues, including these cute ducks Olivier and Carrie seem fascinated by a random door Not a sight you often see... black tie students walking the streets at 0645 Nick and Jess look the worse for wear the day after the May Ball Lindsay is looking very fetching in her Caribbean-party scuba outfit! ... and her friend in amazing skin paints! Matt is looking cool as he helps me serve cocktails to the crowd The party starts to heat up Some funky shirts and skirts are in view Now it gets really crowded (and hot enough to be in the Caribbean) We head down to eat some jerk chicken man John looks very Miami Vice, but he's missing something... Yes thats right, his sidekick! Hayley and Rachel look considerably more dignified (and cute) The party is pretty well behaved at this early stage An awesome group shot of the Robinson sunbathers We make it Cambridge, where they see grass for the first time Seb really cant keep his eyes open in a picture can he? We wake up to a while grad house! And by white, I mean really white The bored undergrads have built a funky snowman, complete with walking stick ...and another effort by the grads We begin the Robinson May Ball in style, getting there in a stretch limo Seb immediately runs to the chocolate fountain The diners are there well before us Jess shows off her butterfly tattoo Cheesy grins all around as the party gets going And more cheese! The weather is utterly perfect, so most people hang outside We have a go at the obligatory boxing match Look serious! Now let loose the thumbs of war! We attempt to look serious, but unfortunately someone stuck something on my forehead Kirsty has fun on the bumper cars! Hayley and I have a gender change to be Elvis and Marlyin The College has really be laid out in style for the film star theme The Premiere sign at the entrance Seb and Sheree clean up at the poker table I take a quick break to see Christos driving Greek-style on the bumper cars! Hayley and Linda drive a bit more leisurely I return to the poker to find Seb a lot richer (in play money only unfortunately) Sandra takes a nap while John and I frolic Carrie the Cowgirl keeps an eye on the proceedings Yeeeehaaa, Marika looks sultry in blue A recital at Robinson Chapel It rapidly fills up as the piano solos get going And the now traditional photo under the Jesus Cock You just cant take Robinson people anywhere! A vicious game of cat-foozball among the Robinson ladies! The cheery Emma crew visits the poorer people at  Robinson Chilling with the hombres in the MCR Rosie checks out the signs at the Soul Tree A trip espresso of photos from all angles while punting Carrie, Martina and friend chill out Christos and Danilo relax at Sidney Sussex Benoi points our our latest MCR friend who lacks the stamina for 2am partying Marika steals my beloved mustache! Carrie grabs my hairy augmentation before I can get it back! A final song before heading home for some well-earned zzz Despite a valiant struggle, Tina is eventually overcome by AliB! All good nights come to an end, and Ellie requires a powernap I was checking my mail in Robinson and stumbled upon this The troubadours outside informed me the May Ball was on that evening! All dressed up and nowhere to go ... they were all quite early Robinson's elite cricket grad squad; some of us had even played more than once before It's really quite difficult to make a photograph of cricket look interesting But it was so terribly civilized! Tina and I enjoy an ear-splittingly quiet moment at La Razza We repeat the candle trick with James, who needs a flash anyway?! Tina demonstrates her reward for graduating, very swish Tina plays with fire at the Castle, rwaaar! Tina throws her leaving/pancakes party, so we cram into the Grad house ... and the Spanish ladies show up! Eva and Tina take a break between pancake flipping bouts Our resident Japanese DJ spins the laptop wheels of steel I think we're all pancaked out And so the night ends with a violent hand-slapping game, as every night should The Robinson cocktail party gets in fine swing, Wild Wild West style! Benoy, Oliver and Danilo revert to cavemen while lighting the barbeque As darkness settles, we keep Ellie awake by snapping pictures of her What is Dario doing with those tongs?! Tina looks armed and dangerous with a mallet Inside, we present Ellie with a birthday cake Kieran enjoys his suggestive double-strawberry cake Marika and Jane lavishly dressed in 1920s style! Marika said something again, AliB is suitably shocked A wide view of this term's last hall After hall, we engage in croquet The crowds gasp in awe at our mad skills Tina plays it long Others take the opportunity to hang out (around the 1920s cocktails of course) Our intrepid croquet squad pose with their Pimms, Tina, AliB and Kieran A dramatic long shot from Daniel keeps us in the game! After the guys play, it gets crazy when the ladies take over ...resulting in a few boundaries Danilo explains what a Roquet is to Emma (or is it the other way around?) Carrie demonstrates the funky new MCR hatch later And of course, the night ends with a game of Twister! AliB and Tina last long after I am knocked out