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Richard is not too subtle with his
And the serious business of the limbo gets into full swing
Now it gets really crowded (and hot enough to be in the Caribbean)
The wonderful, awesome, and very blurry Shisha club
Later we relax at Carrie's house, as Christos appears to worship The party finally ends as Carrie and Martina shoo us out! Cory Doctoroy's leaving party in full swing, somewhere in London We leave in style in Manar's Merc We assemble in the office for a grand Microsoft/XenSource announcement party The champagne is in full flow at lunchtime, heh heh Everyone poses for a cheesy grin before the party begins Peter Levine delivers a rousing speech to the troops... ... but is rapidly mobbed as the champagne rush begins I pop down to London for the launch party of, held in a swanky art gallery The demos happen alongside funky paintings and great wine The founders deliver a thank-you speech in between general revelry Lindsay is looking very fetching in her Caribbean-party scuba outfit! ... and her friend in amazing skin paints! Matt is looking cool as he helps me serve cocktails to the crowd The party starts to heat up Some funky shirts and skirts are in view Now it gets really crowded (and hot enough to be in the Caribbean) Diane Lene and other Lucy Cavendish girls outside B-Bar It's a furniture-less party But there is always fun to be had The entrance to the fabulously posh Tolly Club It was pretty crowded at the 4th hole on the green (thats where the bar is) As the crowds increased, we ditched the Tolly club in favour of... The wonderful, awesome, and very blurry Shisha club Housewarming party in swing at the swanky Peffley, Helleger and Faivre residence! Martina gets her birthday present! Olivier shakes Rob into wakedness abruptly after a long day It's realllly cold in the Riad so everyone tucks in on the comfy sofas for a sleepover! We wander over to a lounge to digest Kristina makes a surprise visit back to Cambridge, hurrah! Taking photos while grabbing a swift powernap in the Robinson MCR. Patrick and Claire put out the smoking poses for the camera! Rosie and Kavari looking sweet! Eric ponders existentialism at Martina's Some really bad rapper dude fails to impress Catherine Tom and I share a moment at the Cambridge Ring party, but Ian Pratt fails to step up! Mmmm. Cheesecake. Things heat up as the champagne emerges Richard is not too subtle with his We head down to eat some jerk chicken man John looks very Miami Vice, but he's missing something... Yes thats right, his sidekick! Hayley and Rachel look considerably more dignified (and cute) The party is pretty well behaved at this early stage An awesome group shot of the Robinson sunbathers We wander around taking shots of visitors Tatyana and John look East Coast Philly What are we singing? The Magdalene boys look quite well lubricated Ya man, the Rastas is here! Arrrr, a pirate arrr! Awww, this is chilled out, even for the normally extremely chill Olivier and Carrie Another shot of the Robinson businessmen Up top, I shoot the eating crowd And like magic, the rubber ducky appears I knew those hoola hoops spelt trouble! But Sophia is a true mistress of the lost art of hooping! The best costume winners celebrate their success! And the serious business of the limbo gets into full swing