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Marie and Olivier brood to the gothic backdrop!
A black swan on the river!
The Premiere sign at the entrance
I was checking my mail in Robinson and stumbled upon this The troubadours outside informed me the May Ball was on that evening! All dressed up and nowhere to go ... they were all quite early Tina and Eva chill at Wolfson May Ball This live band sounded more Police than Sting ever could We begin the Robinson May Ball in style, getting there in a stretch limo Seb immediately runs to the chocolate fountain The diners are there well before us Jess shows off her butterfly tattoo Cheesy grins all around as the party gets going And more cheese! The weather is utterly perfect, so most people hang outside We have a go at the obligatory boxing match Look serious! Now let loose the thumbs of war! We attempt to look serious, but unfortunately someone stuck something on my forehead Kirsty has fun on the bumper cars! Hayley and I have a gender change to be Elvis and Marlyin The College has really be laid out in style for the film star theme The Premiere sign at the entrance More black tie May Ballers on the bridge above As night dawns, you can see the silhouettes of the party on Trinity The river is REALLY crowded now... The fireworks are about to start and the place is insanely packed And they begin! A fantastic soundtrack as well Weeee! The long punt back begins as the rain starts to fall Downing May Ball, rather late in the year, starts with a very fine string quartet The crowds assemble pre-dinner Greek neo-classical architecture abounds Sandra and John give a thumbs up! Helium-filled balloons led to the inevitable... ...high pitched speeches! As the night drew on, the bouncy castle became essential to stay warm The night ends with a rather improbably pink limo pulling up (unfortunately not for us) Marie is a little bit thirsty at Trinity Hall may ball Some really bad rapper dude fails to impress Catherine Marie and Olivier brood to the gothic backdrop! Seb and Sheree clean up at the poker table I take a quick break to see Christos driving Greek-style on the bumper cars! Hayley and Linda drive a bit more leisurely I return to the poker to find Seb a lot richer (in play money only unfortunately) Sandra takes a nap while John and I frolic We look appropriately thespian The College looks so different as the dawn breaks The swings are the place to be as morning arrives. Seb chickens out but Sheree joins me! Everyone assembles for the survivor picture and the final (awesome) 6am band and bpo We wander outside to find the world continues, including these cute ducks Olivier and Carrie seem fascinated by a random door Not a sight you often see... black tie students walking the streets at 0645 Nick and Jess look the worse for wear the day after the May Ball We decided to go over to watch the Trinity Ball fireworks on a punt The black tie wearing party-goers all line up to go punting But we are dressed casual since its going to rain! Christian does a fine job punting as usual Thumbs up Sibyl!!! The river begins to get crowded But we skillfully (?) navigate past them A black swan on the river!