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The place fills up...
Hemma relaxes on the communal comfy sofa
It's realllly cold in the Riad so everyone tucks in on the comfy sofas for a sleepover!
Shiny self portrait!
Another striking mosque
So many spice shops We find a hotel to relax in Martina looks happy enough! Olivier broods to the elaborate background Later on, the weather clears up, so we go for an evening dip in the Riad pool! The next day, wandering around the old town The graveyard of Al-Ghazali... middle eastern philosophy galore!! A group of friendly local youths We learnt quickly never to ask guys for directions, so Ingrid made friends with her local neighbours! I'm starting to suspect those spice piles are held up by something... One of my favourite shops, not the best place to let a bull into though. Indian autos get everywhere! A lantern shop, very elaborate There are albatrosses roosting above many of the roofs, with a HUGE wingspan! Olivier shakes Rob into wakedness abruptly after a long day It's raining, and a bedraggled crew poses for a picture in a park The garden is beautiful in the rain A self-portrait in a palace, why not Now this is what I call a roof Some amazing engravings in classical arabic on the walls of the palace It's realllly cold in the Riad so everyone tucks in on the comfy sofas for a sleepover! The shopping beings... Not a good place to sneeze The streets of the old city are crowded The girls are impressed by local clothes A cool pose, for cool people! Old men hanging around seems to be quite common in Marrakech! Hemma partakes of some nice figs from the vendors Lots of nice juice as well, and no need to clean the juicer Caught these shots sitting on a rooftop restaurant A pretty glorious evening... The market starts to light up their fires The smells wafting up were pretty nice as well! Capturing more of the market area Different exposure shot, shorter lens snap A last one of the mosque in the distance as they started the evening call to prayer Lots of horse-drawn carriages to avoid getting run over by The market gets even more crowded in the evening time Its like a carnival, with games to play as well Love this random shot of the The crew moves fast to avoid the crowd Shiny self portrait! This reminds me the Demolition Man... anyone else? Alex recommended this restaurant with a 12-course meal(!) Because Olivier booked it, they thought it was his birthday, ha ha The starters are impressive in volume Candle light atmosphere worthy of Magdalene in Cambridge The food is nicely prepared (and rather tasty) This is awesome dessert But wait, there's more! Of course, no meal is complete without a ... belly dancer! We are suitably impressed (except Rob??) Daniel proceeds to dance, South American style! Rob adopts an With mixed results, ha ha But his charm is soon succeeding again We manage to cram in for a group shot This chap sat here all evening looking very content A final attempt to finish the desserts We wander over to a lounge to digest Me taking pictures of Rob taking pictures... The place fills up... We show up in Marrakech at a fantastic Riad Three floors, all to ourselves! Carrie and Daniel display approval and the sun settles in on Hemma... The rooftop view shows technology mixed in with the traditional We're still in awe of the lovely Riad There is a beautiful mosque in view from the roof as well Olivier looks down on me from a great height The first call to prayer of the trip... The smell from this tannery was quite... smelly! A friendly shopkeeper demonstrates his weaving machine to us Another striking mosque The next day is bright, beautiful, and here's another mosque I take some time out to ponder enlightenment and other such affairs Hemma appears to have a large tree growing out of her head Not entirely sure why I took this picture of a ... tree Ocean's Eleven? Yes indeed, the world famous Morrocon cacti reservoir. Long... Round... Cutest...kittens...ever... Olivier blends in cunningly to the jungle Martina dances down some steps in the library A very striking library with some original Quran prints. A horsy ride! Yehhaaaa! The ladies are more dignified than me riding in the front Rob and Dave wait outside the horse procession for the others And they finally show up at a leisurely pace! Later, it's time for dance practice Rob gets ready to rip and... Kicks it up with MC Hammer! Yeah yeah! Olivier, a cool Frenchman to the end Hemma relaxes on the communal comfy sofa