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Wake up its a beautiful morning!
Hello Ajay!!!!!!!!
Dad relaxes in Anand's new living room
Anand preps for the long drive to Santa Monica We hang out in Westwood, right near where I used to live Our buddy Rawi shows up Anand looks happy enough We hook up with more friends downtown Smiles all around! Biggest chilli dogs ever from here Anand cant resist the Bowflex Still not tired... A Bowflex! As seen on TV! Jyothsna Anand and Mom Dad relaxes in Anand's new living room He wants Uncle Anil to hold him Got a good grip, this kid does He does a fantastic impression of a llama ... and of Mini-me from Austin Powers! There. Finally made him laugh.  Used up all my good jokes on this My favourite picture of him, ever!  No cuter kid than a drooling kid. (Very carefully) holding Ajay by the fireplace There you go, move around and he laughs! Grins all around Couldnt quite elicit a laugh out of Ajay though, darn Lets try again with Mum! Well, we managed to grin cheesily (even Mum) Starting to pose around the sofa (with a very boring background!) with Anand and Jyothsna Mummy and Jyosthsna help me test out the camera A very sober picture, why's noone grinning? No worries, get a baby in the shot and everythings happy again Yeaah mum! Mum finally manages to get Ajay to sleep. Sssssh! Wake up its a beautiful morning! Dinner is being served... I have no idea why I took this picture Time to go horizontal after a hard day's moving Outside Kush Games in Camarillo I really had to be in Los Angeles the one day it rained... Umrao's kids play hide'n'seek And start bouncing very fast Weeee! I cant see you! It's a furniture-less party But there is always fun to be had A view of the street outside Anand's new house in Camarillo I love the dinosaurs on 3rd Street in Santa Monica Always some filming going on in Santa Monica Another Santa Monica dino Ian McEwan wears black, even in California! Ahh, a real American Borders Buying Mum a birthday cake with Jyothsna! Hello Ajay!!!!!!!!