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This Hui Lau Shan mango pudding was worth the 12 hour stopover in Hong Kong.  I had three, talk about pigging out!
In contrast, the NTT Cmode vending booth was just fantastic!
... then dont go to Tokyo!!
This plant is clearly important
Forests of carefully cultivated things with big leaves Lakes to rival Canada! A traditional Japanese roof thing ... and a traditional Japanese house thing, I'm told The thing that we all noticed was the amazingly well-ordered gardening The fantastic Japanese Noh theatre And the crowd of Gaijin here to enjoy it! George Candea and his inflatable best friend David feeds the dog some nice tea ... ... with distressing results! A gratuitous ship picture Later in the hotel, a Japanese duet commences With a stirring Stevie Wonder cover, excellent! At Shibuya Junction in Tokyo, everyone waits patiently The lights change... ... and the crowd goes wild!!! The Starbucks on the Junction is a popular people-watching spot Bruno poses with Hachiko, Japan's most faithful dog! You dont like neon? ... then dont go to Tokyo!! My hotel overlooks an, err, giant amusement park? Luckily, McSushi is never far away for the homesick! We end up at a Japanese 'ship' of sorts which is populated by giggling locals This parking lot is insane; the machinery pulls your car in! I have no idea... A rainy start to the day in Yokahama European style pier that kept the colonists happy In your face casino! Flavio tries the gooey Calamaris, urgh!! Rice with ... hundreds of little fish in it Flavio continues his maritime cuisine, brave man! This tasted awesome!  Really! It did!  Footlockers used a wooden block with carvings as a key, a traditional (if not the most secure) Japanese lock The tallest building in Yokahama I'm informed The entrance to some lovely Yokahama gardens This plant is clearly important The vending machine lets you use your mobile phone to pay via IR, QRCode or RFID built into the mobile phone Ali Tse gets jiggy with the heads up displays This demo used train RFID cards to give you directions automatically, actually incredibly useful The view of Tokyo at night from Rappongi Hills skyscraper And here's where we were Sharpy is looking really grumpy, could he be hungry? He cheers up at the local sushi conveyer belt, problem solved! James looks sated... ... and we can see why!  Mmmm, sushiiii... Bright and early, KDDI is giving away camera phones to let us play with QRCodes Ali Tse immediately tries to scan in one of his 10000000 tissue packets, unfortunately unsuccessfully More amusing signs at the local Japanese supermarket We go to watch Sumo wrestling, and check out the grand trophy My cameraphone isnt good enough to capture how awesome the actual sumo was, but Al's pictures will be along soon I hope! We were there on day 4 out of 40, so it wasnt too packed out, but the crowd was still cheering noisily Outside, we hunt for the Sumo Wrestler Bento Box! All of the famous sumo wrestlers have their own banner and contingent of fanbois It is also very tied into their religion, as the surroundings of the sumo arena show Wandering around the dessert district of the city later This Hui Lau Shan mango pudding was worth the 12 hour stopover in Hong Kong.  I had three, talk about pigging out! We go to a Canadian bar to celebrate Canada day Like everywhere in Tokyo, its packed to the rafters We meet some very nice gaijan (teaching English, of course) Everyone loves to get their pictures taken, its infectious You can't keep a good Canadian down on Canada day, even 5000 miles from home... A huge gambling arcade in Japan, just like Vegas The noise in here was incredible; they pump white noise The wierd and wonderful Japanese drinks at the local supermarket We get caught in a crazy thunderstorm, it absolutely poured Another view of Shibuya junction, not as busy as the last time I was here! Sharpy poses with Hachiko the faithful dog Another view of Shibuya at night Amusing typos are everywhere! Sharpy likes the idea of having a Eating in traditional Japanese style, mmm The start of the ubicomp demos with a system that tracks people using 360-degree FOV cameras A cool Sony tablet PC with a high-res screen The Similarly, IBM had a pretty crap demo vaguely involving PDAs as remote controls In contrast, the NTT Cmode vending booth was just fantastic!