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Mom decides to pose again beside another xmas statue
Seb looks bemused while Sheree is a blur of social activity
Sheree's old school in Delhi, with a fighter jet just outside, how cool is that
There are nice carvings in the middle of the chaos
... but spends a whole 5 minutes on Dad's pen!
At our flat in Madras
Taking a picture of this sign seemed an appropriate way to start our trip Pictures of our ancestors on my grandfather's walls We meet old friends in Andhra ... and I get in the shot for this one And my grandfather himself! Grandfather and Grandmother picture Anand decides to risk visiting the little boys room Some of the BEST coconuts I've eaten came from this tree in grandfather's house The garden behind the house We pose outside the family house Some of the shopkeepers in the building we own in Vijayawada Meeting friends at Ramudu uncle's house The worship area at Ramudu's house And Ramudu uncle himself! Prashanth claims the handbag isnt his Mom and Anand chill out The name list at our flat in Madras At our flat in Madras Dad, Vasu and Jysothsna's dad after a massive (and good!!!) dinner ... and Jysothsna's mum! Entrance to a large teaching hospital in Hyderabad The buffalo roams supreme on India's roads A cool house made of bamboo in Koti near Hyderabad Jysothsna and I check out the NTR Memorial park in Hyderabad A tree stuck in a fountain There are some lovely gardens hidden in the park... ...and here is Jyothsna posing in front of them! One of those water slide thingies What is this?  Japanese gardens in India?  Lead on! And here they are.  Not quite the Imperial Gardens, but still very nice And a Japanese-like house too! This was strange ... a M&S in a Hyderabad shopping mall Sivanandam and my Dad, we hadn't met since we left Kuwait in 1990! Entrance to a very posh 5 star hotel A very cool ceiling in the hotel! Poor Seb looks a bit sleepy, how can we cure this? Ooh, Sheree could feed him!  Ironically, this later gave him food poisoning, hahaha Sheree's old school in Delhi, with a fighter jet just outside, how cool is that A very nice old colonial building in Bangalore, and some very fast traffic in front A very modern shopping mall in Bangalore, this is progress! Of course, its full of jewelery shops (groan) Indian bookshops are full of Jeffery Archer, kind of funny as we've jogged past his Grantchester house on Sunday while he was on a break from prison The family's two newest additions, twins at that! Our local temple at Vijaywada in Andhra Pradesh, very near our house The garden of our house in Vijayawada sure has grown! An old-skool sewing machine, dont make them like they used to More plants! Our grandfather's house, right opposite ours Dad's got his degrees on the nameplate, but not Mom! The river Krishna is overflowing, the view from the canal was amazing The equivalent of a motorway pitstop on the road from Vijayawada to Hyderabad The view in the morning from our lodge in Hyderabad My cousin Vasu sorts Dad and me out with an auto-rickshaw Random traffic shot from the auto We find the Rajiv Gandhi memorial roundabout Jyothsna and Dad pose! Jyothsna sits in a friend's very nice house We move hotels to the rather nice NKM Grand There are nice carvings in the middle of the chaos A random shot from the rooftop party of the Calcutta skyline We munch the yummy grub The entrance to the fabulously posh Tolly Club It was pretty crowded at the 4th hole on the green (thats where the bar is) As the crowds increased, we ditched the Tolly club in favour of... The wonderful, awesome, and very blurry Shisha club Mummy strikes an xmas pose in her new glasses The Birla temple in Calcutta, pretty awesome marble Shopping malls have come a long way in Calcutta Santa Claus, courtesy of Kodak Kolkata Belurmut, this building looks like a temple, mosque or church when viewed from the correct angle! Photos were banned here, so I snuck this from my pocket, ahem Really cool gardens surround the temple/mosque/church Blurry shot of another temple at Belurmut The bank of the Hoogly river in Kolkata Only in India will you find an amusement park dedicated to science Dad visits the national Anaesthetist conference at the science park If you want to fall asleep... ... then this is a great place to hang out Mom decides to pose again beside another xmas statue Mom clearing up the flat but with enough time for a smile! We dress Mom up gangsta-style, doesn't she look great! Its very very early in the morning, and I'm bored at Sri Lanka airport The view outside our Bangalore lodge reveals organised chaos Is it just me, or does this remind you of a Counterstrike map? Bangalore has an amazingly nice climate, here's some greenery to prove it A random shot from the venue of the memorial service My cousin Pinky keeps the youngsters entertained! Dad and I attempt to go for a peaceful nighttime walk ... But Bangalore at night is anything but, as this blurred shot of a roundabout shows Phonebooth and Internet cafes are as the Starbucks of Bangalore My cousin Prashant serves priests with food as part of the memorial service There is a lot of smoke in the air as the priests chant Sanskrit verses Someone places a leaf in front of me... why?!! It all becomes clear as the leaf is piled full of delicous grub Prashant entertains Megana, easily a full time job An image of Vishnu As we try to keep Megana entertained, she bores of her mum's handbag... ... but spends a whole 5 minutes on Dad's pen! We wander over to the houses of government in Delhi The road up to the main buildings is reallly long... ... and pretty deserted (unusual for anywhere in India) Whats at the end of this very long road then? ... can see something in the distance ... Its the Gateway to India! The Red Fort in Delhi, a very, very large place Inside are models showing battles of the Indians vs the British And gorgeous paintings of the British era (here they are burning foreign clothes in a protest) The gardens inside the Red Fort are rather nice and peaceful The real Delhi is a crazy morass of little shops Raja poses in front of one of his adverts Later, Raja teaches his aunt how to Salsa dance Sheree looks on laughing at her Mum's dancing... ... and gets dragged onto the floor to perform ... Raja strikes a suitably South American pose Later, we watch a Bollywood movie at the local cinema while leaving poor Seb in bed with the flu Xmas even makes it into India The cinema is super-modern, with sliding seats and air conditioning I gatecrash Mala's sister's wedding reception Seb looks bemused while Sheree is a blur of social activity