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We're all going on a ... summer... holiday...!
Alex, and a waterfall
We are pretty tired by this point, at least I am!
Hello little guy!
The sun's melted a lot of the ice on our side of the mountain We trek along the river Another view of the path Treacherous looking path Amazing view! Our path leads this way Getting higher and higher... Damien tries not to fall off! Peter does a mountain pose That lake seems to get bluer and bluer... A clearer view of the area Capturing forests, mountains and lake in one picture Thomas Nordin grins for the camera Damien in the relief hut Damien and Peter Clear mountain air... Nice waterfall we ran through on the way down Luckily the soil wasnt too wet Our little friend again! Another mountain view We are pretty tired by this point, at least I am! Err, so how do we get home then? I love this shot, we should be playing air guitar Start of a glorious day for a hike We make our way up the mountain The startlingly blue lake peeks through the trees Theo and Canacar Peter looks ready for a sprint Wondering which way to go Some really nice relief vegetation on the way up Not going up there thankfully! We make it to the first rest point Another nice scenic view The assembled hackers Hello little guy! We drive out to Banff to go hiking on a lovely day! The hike starts out nice'n'easy, just as well given my still-sore knee A pregnant lady!  I'm not the slowest, hurrah! Oh oh, snow gathers as we go a bit higher Lovely mountain views emerge We make it out to the lake, with rocky outcrops all around Not quite as cobalt blue as Lake Louise, but still pretty damn blue The lake is quite long... We begin hiking around the lake... Hans almost falls in! Weeee! The view is just worth looking at over and over A nice shot from the base of the lake The forests are dense around the lake Still a lot of snow for the time of year An intrepid crew assembles to go out a bit further on the lake... We hike around the lake and find something! A canoe kindly left in the brush, complete with paddles! Awesome fun paddling around the (freezing) lake We're all going on a ... summer... holiday...! We encounter another bunch who got a bit lost, wooops It's all downhill from here... But it might take a while to get home But a shortcut might help! Hi! Damien waves for the camera And Sturm and friends are right behind us A climber with guts The chalet from the base of the lake A gorgeous view of the area to finish up The Cambridge hike with Syb and Alex started off lovely But in the grand tradition of picnics, dark clouds gather And it all ends in a painful hailstorm! Walking up Victoria Peak to check out the view, unfortunately a misty day A nice path reminiscent of the walk up in Tirupathi Another view of the city And again! They hold back the soil by spraying concrete on the banks, but sometimes landslides do happen... Alex, and a waterfall