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More bizarro outfits from the hall
But first, some yummy sherry
Not to be outdone, Robinson demonstrate their love of knowledge
It gets better when Guns n Roses starts
Anton goes crazy on the floor, Russian dancing! Eva Kostas and Tina hanging loose Anton and Tina finish their energetic dancefloor number A moody atmosphere in Selwyn formal hall ... but it rapidly brightens up! Ellie and Robert practice international democracy The Selwyn hall in view Halloween formal hall at Robinson Tina gets ambushed! Jane in a genuinely scary costume, with the hilarious Saleh behind her These costumes werent quite as scary A lot of pointy hats were to be seen Formal hall in a very subdued Trinity Beginning a King's formal hall The formal in full swing Carrie, me, and a lot of tinsel Hayley and Robert and that dratted tinsel The diva, Rosie Dancing on the table at Kings, they are very bouncy Not to be outdone, Robinson demonstrate their love of knowledge Scotty and Catherine at table AliB and a cool shirt The students are surprisingly well-behaved tonight We end up in Newnham, listening to a suprisingly good female heavy metal student band. The crowd goes wild (?) It gets better when Guns n Roses starts In full swing And the other side, a painting of someone important Danilo and Hayley recreate the fingerpainting scene at Jesus The Jesus formal hall in full schwing And the now traditional photo under the Jesus Cock Danilo didnt drink all that, honest guv You just cant take Robinson people anywhere! Dancing at Formal Hall at Jesus We head down to eat some jerk chicken man Helium-filled balloons led to the inevitable... ...high pitched speeches! Formal hall at Corpus Christi in full swing Danilo demonstrates his Rosie prepares for dancing! Halloween hall at Robinson, with some funky outfits More bizarro outfits from the hall SRG Christmas dinner at Christ's College Hughes Hall formal hall, home of the unique chicken with chilli and chocolate sauce Francesca and Rosie looked bemused at a shocked Carrie. What DID she say? Danilo just loves to fingerpaint, especially on College walls A Jesus formal hall in full swing! This has to be the oddest bust of a Fellow we've ever seen The impressive Girton MCR before dinner Fabrice, Danilo and Daniele play it cool (and not over-awed) Later, we hang out in the Girton gardens Tina looks armed and dangerous with a mallet Inside, we present Ellie with a birthday cake Kieran enjoys his suggestive double-strawberry cake Marika and Jane lavishly dressed in 1920s style! Marika said something again, AliB is suitably shocked A wide view of this term's last hall Assembling at Trinity Hall formal hall But first, some yummy sherry