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Sheree and the awe-inspiring upside-down-pineapple cake!
Ooh, Sheree could feed him!  Ironically, this later gave him food poisoning, hahaha
Munching sushi at Teriyaki in Cambridge
Some of the BEST coconuts I've eaten came from this tree in grandfather's house Eva comes prepared for our Thursday lunch Real meatballs!  They looked even better when cooked The famous Calgary salt'n'pepper squid which feeds the hackathon Made a mess, but just looking at this makes me hungry! Later, Eva makes Greek coffee which keeps me awake for 4 days See what I mean?!  You can almost smell the JPEG Flavio tries the gooey Calamaris, urgh!! Rice with ... hundreds of little fish in it Flavio continues his maritime cuisine, brave man! This tasted awesome!  Really! It did!  Alex, and one very dead (but very tasty) chicken It all becomes clear as the leaf is piled full of delicous grub Munching sushi at Teriyaki in Cambridge Later we relax at a fine Taverna This taverna was superb! SUPERB! Some horrible fish! And my friends ate it as well, apparently its tasty Enjoying a Sarvana Bhavan with Ramana... but in California, not Hyderabad! Mid-week, we enjoy the traditional bbq, this time deer that Beck hunted An absolutely incredibly good coffee at Cafe La Dolce Vita, in downtown Palo Alto Hemma partakes of some nice figs from the vendors The starters are impressive in volume The food is nicely prepared (and rather tasty) This is awesome dessert But wait, there's more! seb-dinner-2007-1 Ray is looking shiner than ever Sheree and the awe-inspiring upside-down-pineapple cake! A most excellent restaurant in Earl's Court, serving lovely Greek grub (as the name suggests) This was the BEST DESSERT EVER, in the 'Mango House' At the morning dim-sim, these shrimp didnt look too happy (I wonder why!) But the tropical fish were pretty blase about their imminent cooking experience Colin, wazzzzup! We cook our own meal! Hong Kong is land of the exotic desserts The wierd and wonderful Japanese drinks at the local supermarket He cheers up at the local sushi conveyer belt, problem solved! This Hui Lau Shan mango pudding was worth the 12 hour stopover in Hong Kong.  I had three, talk about pigging out! We assemble at Andy Rice's place to eat the fish his Dad caught The fare was might fine, arrrrr We discover that corporate sponsorship extends to dodgy food, so here is Google's offering Intel does some nice potatoes, yum But Microsoft wins this round with a fine prime cut! ... where we discover Infosys olives are quite nice ... blimey, nuff said Poor Seb looks a bit sleepy, how can we cure this? Ooh, Sheree could feed him!  Ironically, this later gave him food poisoning, hahaha