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Mum and Isabel hang out riverside
Buying Mum a birthday cake with Jyothsna!
A shot of the street, very suburbia
Pictures of our ancestors on my grandfather's walls We meet old friends in Andhra ... and I get in the shot for this one And my grandfather himself! Grandfather and Grandmother picture We pose outside the family house Meeting friends at Ramudu uncle's house And Ramudu uncle himself! Prashanth claims the handbag isnt his Mom and Anand chill out Mom clearing up the flat but with enough time for a smile! We dress Mom up gangsta-style, doesn't she look great! Say cheese, Mom!!! ... and Dad! Hanging outside Anand and Jysothsna's new house ...and another pose Just making sure its A shot of the street, very suburbia Mum shows up and hangs out by the river in my flat, hurrah! Mum tries to make friends with my local neighbourhood swans They take the bait and wander over every single day! A shot of Mom as she takes a walk on the other side of Jesus Green My favourite picture of him, ever!  No cuter kid than a drooling kid. Couldnt quite elicit a laugh out of Ajay though, darn Lets try again with Mum! Well, we managed to grin cheesily (even Mum) Starting to pose around the sofa (with a very boring background!) with Anand and Jyothsna Mummy and Jyosthsna help me test out the camera A very sober picture, why's noone grinning? No worries, get a baby in the shot and everythings happy again Yeaah mum! Mum finally manages to get Ajay to sleep. Sssssh! Wake up its a beautiful morning! Mum and Isabel hang out riverside Anand cant resist the Bowflex Jyothsna Anand and Mom Dad relaxes in Anand's new living room Dinner is being served... Time to go horizontal after a hard day's moving Umrao's kids play hide'n'seek And start bouncing very fast Weeee! I cant see you! It's a furniture-less party But there is always fun to be had A view of the street outside Anand's new house in Camarillo Colin and my mum hang out in Belfast Mummy strikes an xmas pose in her new glasses Dad visits the national Anaesthetist conference at the science park Mom decides to pose again beside another xmas statue Buying Mum a birthday cake with Jyothsna!