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Dom looks cool outside the convention centre
E3 in Los Angeles, the entrance is hard to miss Its like outta Baywatch, dude But the Doom III preview is in those walls! Anand's game is in full view, wah hey The US Army is here in full force pimping their recruiting ObBoothBabe shot Crowd shot The Doom III queue Doom III previews while we wait I check out the Shadowbane stall while queuing Some cool skateboarding action, they had mad skillz Wassup Dom? I got dat crazy LA look in my eyes Inside the Doom III preview, it crashes, ho ho ho But the preview itself is pretty cool (pity the game sucked, in retrospect, but it was a great demo they did) Escaping the mayhem, even the stairs have advertising A band preps up in the nice LA sunshine I just HAD to get a picture of the world-famous (maybe) DONUT QUEEN Dom looks cool outside the convention centre