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The best costume winners celebrate their success!
James fits into pirating a bit better! Lindsay is looking very fetching in her Caribbean-party scuba outfit! ... and her friend in amazing skin paints! The party starts to heat up Now it gets really crowded (and hot enough to be in the Caribbean) John looks very Miami Vice, but he's missing something... Yes thats right, his sidekick! Hayley and Rachel look considerably more dignified (and cute) An awesome group shot of the Robinson sunbathers We wander around taking shots of visitors Tatyana and John look East Coast Philly What are we singing? The Magdalene boys look quite well lubricated Ya man, the Rastas is here! Arrrr, a pirate arrr! Awww, this is chilled out, even for the normally extremely chill Olivier and Carrie Another shot of the Robinson businessmen Up top, I shoot the eating crowd The best costume winners celebrate their success!