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We manage to cram in for a group shot
I guess Tina wins the yoga bet
The bride's family assembled
The bride's family assembled The Cambridge hike with Syb and Alex started off lovely We find large crowds outside, and Marius makes a new bovine friend And all is revealed!  Its the Queen, come to visit the OpenBSD hackathon She can simultaneously crawl and do Tommy Cooper impressions This has to be the oddest bust of a Fellow we've ever seen Benoy, Oliver and Danilo revert to cavemen while lighting the barbeque Alex, err, works on his PhD How cute! A swan and her signets dive between our punts A nice shot as we start punting back home Yes thats right, his sidekick! An awesome group shot of the Robinson sunbathers I take some time out to ponder enlightenment and other such affairs Ocean's Eleven? Olivier, a cool Frenchman to the end We manage to cram in for a group shot Posing on a self-timer, forget the gaming Dom and Nick in a synchronised tie-donning competition A nice view of College Rich(y Sambora) Amazing view! Capturing forests, mountains and lake in one picture A gorgeous view of the area to finish up Is AliB keeping score? I think not! A quiet moment of extreme cuteness Awesome! He's almost there! Not to be outdone, Robinson demonstrate their love of knowledge Hanging out with Eva in the lab I guess Tina wins the yoga bet