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We're all going on a ... summer... holiday...!
The Calgary city centre
Day 2 of the hackathon sees a lot of bleary-eyed developers
At Theo's house for a barbeque
Our little friend again!
Another nice scenic view
Damien Miller smiles for the camera Wandering down near the hackathon Calgary needle The assembled hax0rs Assembling at Theo's house for the bbq Tom looks like he's enjoying his Coke Looking on at the beer drinking proceedings Markus and Itojun Phillip, Hans and Miod I blink in astonishment A really nice skyline of Calgary on the way to the Ship Start of a glorious day for a hike We make our way up the mountain The startlingly blue lake peeks through the trees Theo and Canacar Peter looks ready for a sprint Wondering which way to go Some really nice relief vegetation on the way up Not going up there thankfully! We make it to the first rest point Another nice scenic view We challenge Matthieu Herrb to wear this shirt on the flight back to France A lot more developers than last year Theo pours some superb Chocolate Stout Another assembly shot And the surprise present is sprung on Theo by Bob Mickey and Henning in the crowd For possibly the first time ever, Theo is speechless The "Theo version 37" icing cracked me up Will the presents never cease?!  Wim brings exotic food from Europe Nadine is impressed by the pickle Cake cutting commences Mr OpenSSH himself Niklas demonstrates the ancient art of beer hurling Henning and Bob join in with relish The beer hurling malaise spreads ... and more hurling ... and more! and yet more ... There was a lot of hurling happening at the bbq Later, we relax at the Ship Day 2 of the hackathon sees a lot of bleary-eyed developers Another mountain view We are pretty tired by this point, at least I am! We encounter another bunch who got a bit lost, wooops It's all downhill from here... But it might take a while to get home But a shortcut might help! Hi! Damien waves for the camera And Sturm and friends are right behind us A climber with guts The chalet from the base of the lake A gorgeous view of the area to finish up OpenBSD developers assemble at Calgary airport Theo's surprise birthday present was unveiled Cool huh? The signing of the plate is complete The hacking rooms are starting to fill up on Day 1 The Calgary needle thing is pretty nice, got to go check out the view Taking photographs of each other is a popular pastime At Theo's house for a barbeque The horses are out in preparation for the Calgary Stampede We drive out to Banff to go hiking on a lovely day! The hike starts out nice'n'easy, just as well given my still-sore knee A pregnant lady!  I'm not the slowest, hurrah! Oh oh, snow gathers as we go a bit higher Lovely mountain views emerge We make it out to the lake, with rocky outcrops all around Not quite as cobalt blue as Lake Louise, but still pretty damn blue The lake is quite long... We begin hiking around the lake... Hans almost falls in! Weeee! The view is just worth looking at over and over A nice shot from the base of the lake The forests are dense around the lake Still a lot of snow for the time of year An intrepid crew assembles to go out a bit further on the lake... We hike around the lake and find something! A canoe kindly left in the brush, complete with paddles! Awesome fun paddling around the (freezing) lake We're all going on a ... summer... holiday...! The assembled hackers Hello little guy! The sun's melted a lot of the ice on our side of the mountain We trek along the river Another view of the path Treacherous looking path Amazing view! Our path leads this way Getting higher and higher... Damien tries not to fall off! Peter does a mountain pose That lake seems to get bluer and bluer... A clearer view of the area Capturing forests, mountains and lake in one picture Thomas Nordin grins for the camera Damien in the relief hut Damien and Peter Clear mountain air... Nice waterfall we ran through on the way down Luckily the soil wasnt too wet Our little friend again! Ryan McBride gives a talk at the Calgary OpenBSD user group There were more OpenBSD developers at the talk than users! Later, most excellent sushi with the German crowd Followed by a fried ice-cream dessert, will wonders never cease The Yodelling Sausage in Calgary, improbable but true Marius and I decide we need a mid-afternoon coffee We find large crowds outside, and Marius makes a new bovine friend The crowds keep thickening, what is going on? Suddenly the cops show up! And all is revealed!  Its the Queen, come to visit the OpenBSD hackathon The famous Calgary salt'n'pepper squid which feeds the hackathon OpenBSD devs watch themselves on Canadian TV C2K6 gets underway with the haxors all wired up Bob figures out how to take over the world Beck enjoys his speech (and his vest!) Christopher and Theo, stuck in a tree... Zoom out, to the beer hurling! The hurling gets serious... A stormy view of Calgary city The Calgary city centre