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Alex tries to communicate with a blowfish
I have no idea why I took this picture
And it ends with one fat guy on top of another
Doom III previews while we wait
I check out the Shadowbane stall while queuing Some cool skateboarding action, they had mad skillz Wassup Dom? I got dat crazy LA look in my eyes Inside the Doom III preview, it crashes, ho ho ho But the preview itself is pretty cool (pity the game sucked, in retrospect, but it was a great demo they did) Escaping the mayhem, even the stairs have advertising A band preps up in the nice LA sunshine I just HAD to get a picture of the world-famous (maybe) DONUT QUEEN Dom looks cool outside the convention centre Hanging outside Anand and Jysothsna's new house ...and another pose Just making sure its A shot of the street, very suburbia A sunny day for a Kush Games picnic in LA (surprise surprise) Jyothsna has a cool cricket hat to protect her from the elements Awesome! Its sumo time Psyching up for violence ... and the titans clash! And it ends with one fat guy on top of another Ack takes the wheel around San Fran Its hiller than Cambridge eh Capturing the skyline of San Francisco A roadside shot Anand preps for the long drive to Santa Monica We hang out in Westwood, right near where I used to live Our buddy Rawi shows up Anand looks happy enough We hook up with more friends downtown Smiles all around! E3 in Los Angeles, the entrance is hard to miss Its like outta Baywatch, dude But the Doom III preview is in those walls! Anand's game is in full view, wah hey The US Army is here in full force pimping their recruiting ObBoothBabe shot Crowd shot The Doom III queue Doom III previews while we wait Time to go horizontal after a hard day's moving Outside Kush Games in Camarillo I really had to be in Los Angeles the one day it rained... Umrao's kids play hide'n'seek And start bouncing very fast Weeee! I cant see you! It's a furniture-less party But there is always fun to be had A view of the street outside Anand's new house in Camarillo I love the dinosaurs on 3rd Street in Santa Monica Always some filming going on in Santa Monica Another Santa Monica dino Ian McEwan wears black, even in California! Ahh, a real American Borders Visiting Facebook HQ, right beside the XenSource flat in Palo Alto Tom Kelly hangs loose in downtown San Francisco Alex and Sibyl check out the state boundary in Lake Tahoe Alex tries to communicate with a blowfish Meanwhile, Jysothsna finds a swing Jyothsna with Laylani and her kids by the fountain Feeding ducks always keeps kids amused, phew! ... but not Anand! We start a game of beach volleyball Anand starts strong! ... but cant keep his feet! I serve... It goes high for the smash... ... and we score! w00t! Later, we hang with Romaine and his wife Playing beach volleyball in California with Anand and Kush Games Biggest chilli dogs ever from here Anand cant resist the Bowflex Still not tired... A Bowflex! As seen on TV! Jyothsna Anand and Mom Dad relaxes in Anand's new living room Dinner is being served... I have no idea why I took this picture