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We're all going on a ... summer... holiday...!
The Calgary city centre
C2K6 gets underway with the haxors all wired up HP donated a bunch of phat kit for this one Mid-week, we enjoy the traditional bbq, this time deer that Beck hunted The assembled hackers Bob figures out how to take over the world Beck enjoys his speech (and his vest!) Christopher and Theo, stuck in a tree... Zoom out, to the beer hurling! The hurling gets serious... A stormy view of Calgary city The Calgary city centre The horses are out in preparation for the Calgary Stampede We drive out to Banff to go hiking on a lovely day! The hike starts out nice'n'easy, just as well given my still-sore knee A pregnant lady!  I'm not the slowest, hurrah! Oh oh, snow gathers as we go a bit higher Lovely mountain views emerge We make it out to the lake, with rocky outcrops all around Not quite as cobalt blue as Lake Louise, but still pretty damn blue The lake is quite long... We begin hiking around the lake... Hans almost falls in! Weeee! The view is just worth looking at over and over A nice shot from the base of the lake The forests are dense around the lake Still a lot of snow for the time of year An intrepid crew assembles to go out a bit further on the lake... We hike around the lake and find something! A canoe kindly left in the brush, complete with paddles! Awesome fun paddling around the (freezing) lake We're all going on a ... summer... holiday...!