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Jon's cat got a bit scared by all the fuss
The assembled hackers
A rainy start to the summer with a bbq at my place Mid-week, we enjoy the traditional bbq, this time deer that Beck hunted The assembled hackers Beck enjoys his speech (and his vest!) Yummy bbq time! Rosie and Kavari looking sweet! Carrie's very impressive 4th July assortment on... you guessed ut. Yeahhh, Jess knows what makes a good picture! The boys assemble at Seb's on a rainy-but-not-quite summer's day Nick appears to have recovered from surgery with some minor side effects Aww, cute baby picture, with Seb the stalker right behind Sheree and the awe-inspiring upside-down-pineapple cake! Flynn tries to impress Willow with some baby gymnastics Hmm, but Willow disappears shortly thereafter. Dont worry Flynn! Daddy Jon helps find the recalcitrant girl Wah hey, united at last! Ed gets pwned by a girl, but noone appears surprised Ed and Flynn confirm the separated-at-birth hypothesis Jon's cat got a bit scared by all the fuss