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And zoom out for scale to Daddy K and Mummy E
He wants Uncle Anil to hold him
Jane carries little Isobel, age a few months! kieran-isabel-coffee-1 Hello Ajay!!!!!!!! He wants Uncle Anil to hold him Aww, cute baby picture, with Seb the stalker right behind Mum and Isabel hang out riverside Flynn tries to impress Willow with some baby gymnastics Hmm, but Willow disappears shortly thereafter. Dont worry Flynn! Daddy Jon helps find the recalcitrant girl Wah hey, united at last! Willow camps on the cat seat, a purrrfect fit Ed gets pwned by a girl, but noone appears surprised We finally make the kids do some useful labour in the sweltering heat Ed and Flynn confirm the separated-at-birth hypothesis Along the way, she runs into baby Eliot! At first, they both appear disinterested Isabel notices Eliot first... Eliot rotates... ... locks on target... And Eliot shoots! Not sure what he's up to here however... I! Am! A! Really! Happy! Baby! And zoom out for scale to Daddy K and Mummy E Got a good grip, this kid does He does a fantastic impression of a llama ... and of Mini-me from Austin Powers! There. Finally made him laugh.  Used up all my good jokes on this (Very carefully) holding Ajay by the fireplace There you go, move around and he laughs! Grins all around Couldnt quite elicit a laugh out of Ajay though, darn Lets try again with Mum! Well, we managed to grin cheesily (even Mum) No worries, get a baby in the shot and everythings happy again Mum finally manages to get Ajay to sleep. Sssssh! Isabel decides to pull (whats remaining) of her dads hair out The daddy-ride continues, vroom vroom Wake up its a beautiful morning! Andy Warfield and little Ryan visit XenSource in Cambridge Daddy and soon are fascinated by Keir Weeee!