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In the modern agora area
Another bit of telephone art
Alex finds his true marathon calling
That dog is one horny, crazy dog Christian likes the look of this scooter Alex finds his true marathon calling Palm trees sway in the wind Quack! Quack! We come in peace! Woah, I think we're being stalked... Dude!  It's a llama! We convince the peacock to strut its stuff Christian wonders what the statue has that he doesn't I think he's starting to figure it out now... The Olympic stadium, now sadly a bit deserted Everywhere you go in Athens, there is an ancient temple to the gods Alex ponders life, the universe and PhDs This taverna was superb! SUPERB! We ride the fun bus back to the house Zeus himself, a bit naked though The temple to Poseidon by the seaside Some horrible fish! And my friends ate it as well, apparently its tasty Christian and his new dog-friend sleep it off Another temple near the Agora Alexander the great, headless So much detail still survives In the modern agora area Wierd tree art in Athens underground station It looks just like in Asterix! Wandering the streets of Athens A nice view on the way to the Acropolis Amusing hedonistic signs... View of the city as we climb higher Sibyl blocks the great view! Eva delicately clambers up the rocks to us The acropolis, with scaffolding and all Another view of the city from the mountain The amazing arena in the Acropolis area Closer up to the Acropolis Lots of it is under construction Marble, marble, marble.. The amazing building itself! Sybil poses on the top of the mountain Another building at the Acropolis Later we relax at a fine Taverna Cool street signs in Athens! This is a 2d drawing, really cool illusion Another bit of telephone art