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Wake up its a beautiful morning!
Hello Ajay!!!!!!!! He wants Uncle Anil to hold him Got a good grip, this kid does He does a fantastic impression of a llama ... and of Mini-me from Austin Powers! There. Finally made him laugh.  Used up all my good jokes on this My favourite picture of him, ever!  No cuter kid than a drooling kid. (Very carefully) holding Ajay by the fireplace There you go, move around and he laughs! Grins all around Couldnt quite elicit a laugh out of Ajay though, darn Lets try again with Mum! Well, we managed to grin cheesily (even Mum) No worries, get a baby in the shot and everythings happy again Mum finally manages to get Ajay to sleep. Sssssh! Wake up its a beautiful morning!