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And zoom out for scale to Daddy K and Mummy E
Alert ... company secrets on display in this image
The place fills up...
They take the bait and wander over every single day!
Jane, Kieran and... Isabel!
Mom decides to pose again beside another xmas statue
Rebekah enjoys sitting in the Caius MCR high chair
Eating in traditional Japanese style, mmm
And so the night ends with a violent hand-slapping game, as every night should
Euan, Eva, Alex and I pig out and munch pizza in the lab on a glorious summer afternoon
Nick and I interrupt Sheree's studies!
Imogen practises baby yoga at the Arts Picturehouse
... who proceeded to get very depressed
Falling asleep reading a paper, she is definitely going to do a PhD
Catharine navigates the snow with ease
... while Jon entertains all ages
Posing on a self-timer, forget the gaming Harry ruins his shirt before the wedding even starts! Seb really cant keep his eyes open in a picture can he? Steve gets up close and personal Power-napping in Starbucks, an acquired skill Back at Seb's he is on the phone as usual Diya visits us in London so the ISE bunch get-together in Haagen Daaz! Great shot of us, not sure what Anand is doing with his biceps there though! ... and watch manufacturers! Taking a picture of this sign seemed an appropriate way to start our trip Pictures of our ancestors on my grandfather's walls Some of the shopkeepers in the building we own in Vijayawada We dress Mom up gangsta-style, doesn't she look great! ... and Dad! Catharine navigates the snow with ease A roadside shot Smiles all around! James approves One final effort! I just HAD to get a picture of the world-famous (maybe) DONUT QUEEN Pritham looks overly sincere, must be adults present! ... while Jon entertains all ages Massive goose invasion upstream forces us to change course Rosie and Kavari looking sweet! Eric ponders existentialism at Martina's Carrie, Joshua and Eric look terribly relaxed on the bridge. Marie and Olivier brood to the gothic backdrop! Tom and I share a moment at the Cambridge Ring party, but Ian Pratt fails to step up! Carrie's very impressive 4th July assortment on... you guessed ut. Sheree and the awe-inspiring upside-down-pineapple cake! Unfortunately, it turns out that they werent real Red Indians Its picturetastic with our new mobile phones A rainy end to the evening at the Boat House.  Some July this is! If I were to convert, it would be because of an assumption Jon's cat got a bit scared by all the fuss Visiting Facebook HQ, right beside the XenSource flat in Palo Alto Tom Kelly hangs loose in downtown San Francisco Alex tries to communicate with a blowfish Richard is not too subtle with his And zoom out for scale to Daddy K and Mummy E There. Finally made him laugh.  Used up all my good jokes on this Mum finally manages to get Ajay to sleep. Sssssh! I was taking these shots in my pyjamas. Brrrrr!!! Patrick and Claire put out the smoking poses for the camera! The daddy-ride continues, vroom vroom Wake up its a beautiful morning! Hanging in Heathrow waiting for our Lisbon flight The Xen lads look on suspiciously The Karnatic Jazz is in full swing across the floor A nice view of the Seattle countryside near the hotel A field of bikes in Holland, just like mine! ... unlike the VMWare stand, ho ho! Kieran and Isabel hang out at the Cambridge beer festival A laid back crowd at the festival Weeee! Ray is looking shiner than ever Alert ... company secrets on display in this image Three generations of Macs show up at my place. Geeky but cool. Kieran shows us his large cucumbers And the serious business of the limbo gets into full swing An absolutely incredibly good coffee at Cafe La Dolce Vita, in downtown Palo Alto Larging it in California As the night drew on, the bouncy castle became essential to stay warm The night ends with a rather improbably pink limo pulling up (unfortunately not for us) When in Princeton, one is obliged to visit ... Small World Coffee! Jane carries little Isobel, age a few months! Rosie prepares for dancing! Martina gets her birthday present! More bizarro outfits from the hall kieran-isabel-coffee-1 Later on, the weather clears up, so we go for an evening dip in the Riad pool! It's realllly cold in the Riad so everyone tucks in on the comfy sofas for a sleepover! But his charm is soon succeeding again The place fills up... Christos and Danilo relax at Sidney Sussex A final song before heading home for some well-earned zzz The hurling gets serious... A stormy view of Calgary city We're all going on a ... summer... holiday...! Salman pops down to London to hang with a very summery looking Nick Sandra seductively eats her strawberry Later we relax at Carrie's house, as Christos appears to worship As night falls, the lanterns give the singers a nice ambience And I leap in! Now let loose the thumbs of war! But Jess wakes up enough to relax on the riverside with me The long punt back begins as the rain starts to fall We leave in style in Manar's Merc ... but is rapidly mobbed as the champagne rush begins The lobby of my favourite hotel in Palo Alto, the Cardinal Mum shows up and hangs out by the river in my flat, hurrah! The founders deliver a thank-you speech in between general revelry They take the bait and wander over every single day! Vint Cerf looks angelic while talking at Google London That dog is one horny, crazy dog This taverna was superb! SUPERB! Some horrible fish! And my friends ate it as well, apparently its tasty In the modern agora area Simon Crosby's amusing license plate Stuck in Market in San Fran when it's far too late... Buying Mum a birthday cake with Jyothsna! Chilling with the hombres in the MCR Rosie checks out the signs at the Soul Tree Alex disses me and my broken knee Eva grabs a swift snooze on the Volta couch A young thief steals my crutches! Kieran pours generous allowances of Pimms on a hot summer evening ... not quite yet! Next time I'm sure... We wave goodbye to our feathered friend, adios! Dancing at Formal Hall at Jesus A rainy start to the summer with a bbq at my place Jane, Kieran and... Isabel! A hidden sniper attempts to take Danilo out of action It rapidly fills up as the piano solos get going It had to be done The boys assemble for a group picture (about an hour before getting beaten up, another story altogether) And the now traditional photo under the Jesus Cock You just cant take Robinson people anywhere! Ali and Patricia discover the joys of stroking a guinnea pig A vicious game of cat-foozball among the Robinson ladies! The cheery Emma crew visits the poorer people at  Robinson Disaster strikes the LCE coffee machine! Hundreds of students fall asleep. When IP meets Circuits... Jon Crowcroft and Sandy Fraser chatting ... blimey, nuff said Flynn and Ed ... separated at birth!! The real Delhi is a crazy morass of little shops The cinema is super-modern, with sliding seats and air conditioning We munch the yummy grub The wonderful, awesome, and very blurry Shisha club Santa Claus, courtesy of Kodak Kolkata Mom decides to pose again beside another xmas statue ... and we can see why!  Mmmm, sushiiii... Ali Tse immediately tries to scan in one of his 10000000 tissue packets, unfortunately unsuccessfully Wandering around the dessert district of the city later This Hui Lau Shan mango pudding was worth the 12 hour stopover in Hong Kong.  I had three, talk about pigging out! Meeting Heather for a (really) early morning breakfast after flying back from Hong Kong! And we swiftly locate our target, the supa-l33t coffee machine ... and a very fine beverage results for the devoted juicitarians! And a final picture from Loggers Leap to cap off a fun day! What is that in Eva's hand??! Yeeeehaaa, Marika looks sultry in blue Alex, Sybil and Teresa appreciate the show! ... and finally spot them hiding in the corner! And the other side, a painting of someone important But Ali kept getting attacked by a rabid cat who wanted his fish We discover that corporate sponsorship extends to dodgy food, so here is Google's offering Larry Peterson asking for (cue Austin Powers) 500 meeeellliiiion dollahs Later down at the local, Werner Vogels gives out an Amazon masterclass to some eager listeners We say bye bye to Ellie from Cambridge, waaaah! Rebekah enjoys sitting in the Caius MCR high chair Its very very early in the morning, and I'm bored at Sri Lanka airport My cousin Pinky keeps the youngsters entertained! Phonebooth and Internet cafes are as the Starbucks of Bangalore Indian bookshops are full of Jeffery Archer, kind of funny as we've jogged past his Grantchester house on Sunday while he was on a break from prison The family's two newest additions, twins at that! An old-skool sewing machine, dont make them like they used to The equivalent of a motorway pitstop on the road from Vijayawada to Hyderabad We find the Rajiv Gandhi memorial roundabout ... and Jysothsna's mum! Sivanandam and my Dad, we hadn't met since we left Kuwait in 1990! In Columbo airport, they film a Bollywood movie.  It seemed to involve a lot of crying A Man-sley and a Man-nequin compete in the 'best buttocks' contest Munching sushi at Teriyaki in Cambridge Its very blurry, but if you squint at the punt, note they have a full Thai meal on their punt, very swish! A most excellent restaurant in Earl's Court, serving lovely Greek grub (as the name suggests) A misty view of the city as we head into the mainland away from the island Arrr me hearties, I do believe its another ship theme The noise in here was incredible; they pump white noise Eating in traditional Japanese style, mmm But it was so terribly civilized! Tina and Eva chill at Wolfson May Ball This live band sounded more Police than Sting ever could I have no idea... The tallest building in Yokahama I'm informed With a stirring Stevie Wonder cover, excellent! You can't keep a good Canadian down on Canada day, even 5000 miles from home... I travelled 5000 miles from Japan to end up in a ... Japanese restaurant in London And a long weekend ends up with a relaxing game of Texas Holdem poker! Imogen tells AliB all about the evils of coffee Tina demonstrates her reward for graduating, very swish ... it pours! Is Christian REALLY in Berkeley?  Cos I just saw him in the office... I snap a picture of us staring at Alex's large skylight Hanging with Scottie and Eleanor while waiting for pizza After crazy rainshowers comes a pot of gold Jon and Emma take to the dance floor! ... as does the ObCuteBaby Tina plays with fire at the Castle, rwaaar! And so the night ends with a violent hand-slapping game, as every night should OpenBSD developers assemble at Calgary airport Later, we relax at the Ship Day 2 of the hackathon sees a lot of bleary-eyed developers Followed by a fried ice-cream dessert, will wonders never cease And all is revealed!  Its the Queen, come to visit the OpenBSD hackathon OpenBSD devs watch themselves on Canadian TV After the flight from Canada, hanging with Nick in Paddington An action shot of Anil and Imogen fails to capture Anil This has to be the oddest bust of a Fellow we've ever seen Later, Eva makes Greek coffee which keeps me awake for 4 days What is Dario doing with those tongs?! Alex, err, works on his PhD We get lost in the massive gardens on the way out Later, we hang out in the Girton gardens All good nights come to an end, and Ellie requires a powernap The swanky new one-click coffee machine in the DTG All dressed up and nowhere to go ... they were all quite early Colin pops down from Hong Kong, so Reggie and I hang out in Belfast Colin and my mum hang out in Belfast Euan, Eva, Alex and I pig out and munch pizza in the lab on a glorious summer afternoon These dodgy people dont listen to the Surgeon-General I think I guess Tina wins the yoga bet And we're spent Who glued the plants to the table?! Dave despondendly packs up to leave SN17 Imogen rides around in style A lazy picture of a duck, why not eh? coffee-6 Tina takes an exam break by making us lots of cheese! And it all ends in a painful hailstorm! The band doesn't seem to have put Nick or Sharpy off their "food" though Getting train tickets, just like school German lessons! Oh what a perfect day... The Science of the Hitchhikers Guide talk at Borders Hughes Hall formal hall, home of the unique chicken with chilli and chocolate sauce Real meatballs!  They looked even better when cooked Nick and I interrupt Sheree's studies! Imogen almost crying but not quite!  At Browns Rich ponders something.  Probably which dessert to get This chap later demonstrated how to climb a 45 degree reverse-incline using only 2 fingers on each hand.  Scary. An ad-hoc SN17 celebration for Eli Our seats arent optimal, and we cant see the top half! ... and actually plays it well! And this blur is Dave, having been convinced to dance (!!) Robinson MCR Committee, 2004-2005, a rowdy bunch! Christian has a tough job keeping our office furniture in shape Formal hall in a very subdued Trinity Not to be outdone, Robinson demonstrate their love of knowledge Tina Emma and Christian hang out at one of Rosie's famous parties SRG Christmas dinner at Christ's College Hanging out with Eva in the lab Santas little helper! Seb looks thoughtful Mansley in his native habitat Imogen indulges Kieran and Jane Imogen practises baby yoga at the Arts Picturehouse A mad cow from Kierans desk Diane Lene and other Lucy Cavendish girls outside B-Bar Anton and Tina finish their energetic dancefloor number A creative Cambridge busker near Market Square ... must come down AliB, Kieran and Jane hanging at the Castle I spot the health and safety inspector upstairs The Selwyn hall in view Jasper and Nick on High Street Kensington Jyothsna Anand and Mom Dinner is being served... I have no idea why I took this picture I really had to be in Los Angeles the one day it rained... But there is always fun to be had Ian McEwan wears black, even in California! Ahh, a real American Borders Andy Warfield tells us how big his thesis is going to be, but does he know there is a sofa stuck to his back? Halloween bop at Wolfson A lot of pointy hats were to be seen ... who proceeded to get very depressed Scottie tries to look as buff as the snowman I think not, a quick soaking wakes him up again The students are surprisingly well-behaved tonight Viva Las Vegas! Eben has a six-shooter in his pocket he's about to draw Calgary needle A really nice skyline of Calgary on the way to the Ship A gorgeous view of the area to finish up Later, we hang with Romaine and his wife Playing beach volleyball in California with Anand and Kush Games Alex hanging out ... and proceed to take pictures of each other The best bit were the Japanese desserts! Rosie gets on the coffee! Falling asleep reading a paper, she is definitely going to do a PhD