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FPDays 2013 Real World OCaml tutorial in Cambridge

08 October 2013   |   Anil Madhavapeddy   |   tags: ocaml, ocamllabs, realworldocaml, and cambridge   |   all posts

Yaron Minsky and I have been running OCaml tutorials for a few years at ICFP and CUFP, but haven’t really spread out into the wider conference circuit. Now that Real World OCaml is almost finished, the scene is set for doing much more. The first such tutorial is being help at FPDays 2013 on October 24th in the lovely Murray Edwards College in Cambridge. Check out the Lanyrd page for ticket information, and the OCaml session page for more information.

The basic layout of the tutorial is to get started with the guided tour of the book, and then work through building a distributed message broker. This gets you familiar with the Core standard library, the Async event-driven I/O library, and all the strongly-typed RPC plumbing that goes in between. We’re hoping to have physical preprints of the book available for free to attendees, so do sign up fast if you wish to attend.

As a bonus, the Cambridge FPDays session will feature Jeremy Yallop working through the book and conducting the tutorial: he has an incredible depth of knowledge about the innards of OCaml’s type system, and so advanced users will also find a good home in this tutorial to throw questions at him too! For those of you interested in other programming languages, there are also excellent-looking sessions on Erlang, F# and Scala, and Phil Wadler is giving a keynote speech. I’m most excited about Sam Aaron’s session on live coding and music though. You have to hear it to believe it…

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