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Parsing EXIF/IPTC photo tags using pyexiv2 on Leopard

17 April 2008   |   Anil Madhavapeddy   |   tags: macosx   |   all posts

I’ve been looking around at refreshing my current photo gallery to make it easier to update, since I’m around 1000 photos behind over the last year. Part of making it easier to use is to adopt an Aperture-based system of marking the metadata directly in the image itself, and figuring out how to render so many pictures more effectively in my gallery.

The best library I could find to do the job is Exiv2 and its associated Python bindings pyexiv2. They use the rather complex Boost.Python bindings, which are a total pain to compile on MacOS X Leopard.

In order to get it to work:

I’ll tidy this up into a fink package sometime, but for now I want to press on with finishing my Django experiments.

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