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Core stability exercising

08 April 2007   |   Anil Madhavapeddy   |   tags:   |   all posts

It’s been a wierd exercise year; I went from hard-core powerlifting (go 220lb bench!), to playing a lot of badminton and tennis, and then ending off the PhD era with breaking my knee (details not suitable for blog publication).
Ajay having a nice stretch

As anyone it’s happened to knows, a knee injury is really annoying to recover from as it feels really “wobbly” for ages and can’t quite be trusted. I’ve been doing physio on it myself for about half a year now, and can finally run around for 5km or so without too much discomfort, although yoga and Capoeria are perhaps a few more months away.

But then, the Forrest Gump-class runner and ex-officemate Alex Ho pointed out these amazing exercises by the captain of the CUH&H running team in Cambridge. They all emphasise smooth movement and core strength without the need for heavy weights, so can be done while travelling as well. So highly recommended, that even little Ajay (right) is trying them out!

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