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Melange hits the euro-spotlight

01 April 2007   |   Anil Madhavapeddy   |   tags:   |   all posts

It’s been a busy old March (release management of the new XenEnterprise sucked up most of it). I did take a break and go over to EuroSys 2007 in Portugal to present the language and compiler I implemented as part of my PhD work (read it here).

Although the talk I gave was was a bit underwhelming (more preparation and time-practise next time!), I met a whole bunch of really interesting people. My argument about rewriting whole applications also didn’t get laughed out the room as I thought it might, as people recognise that retro-fitting safety enhancements on existing languages is a bit of a dead-end road to go down. It has definitely inspired me to make more time to spend on polishing up the Melange applications for a proper release in 2007.

In a pleasant surprise, it also won the Best Student Paper award of the conference as well!

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