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Google Webmaster tools

28 December 2006   |   Anil Madhavapeddy   |   tags:   |   all posts

The conversion of the Recoil web services to external FastCGI pinned our Trac installation at Melange as the source of the CPU hogging. It turned out the Google crawler was indexing the entire source tree via Trac, causing it to go ballistic.

I then stumbled on the latest cool Googlism: the Google Webmaster Tool, which lets you register your sites and displays options, diagnostics and statistics about how the Google crawler views your website. I turned down the frequency at which Google hits the Trac installation (as well as installing a suitable robots.txt file). This solved the immediate problem, but some of the search statistics were fun to check out as well.

It turns out the gallery is pretty highly ranked for image searches. My trips to Japan seems to have made it big, with popular searches including “Shibuya”, “tokyo at night”, and “japanese roof”. My random pictures of indian buffaloes, smoggy skylines and fried ice-cream seem especially popular as well. It’s a wierd old Internet eh?

The gallery has fallen a bit by the wayside in recent months. I’ll update it when I get back to Cambridge!

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