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Virtual virtual virtual fragging?

30 August 2006   |   Anil Madhavapeddy   |   tags:   |   all posts

An oft-cited criticism of virtualisation is that 3D hardware acceleration doesn’t work, preventing you from enjoying your hard-earnt game of Quake 3. Rumours abound that Parallels is developing it for its software, and that VMware is doing something in this area as well.

However, thanks to the Google SoC, the power of open-source itching, and the talented Andr?s Lagar-Cavilla, Xen now has support for 3D acceleration as well! Check out the xen-gl web-page with screenshots, or just clone xen-gl.hg and get hacking!

Rather than getting down and dirty with foreign grant mappings, PCI pass-through and all that malarky, Andres adopted for the more pragmatic approach of packetising OpenGL using the Chromium project, and creating an x.org module to correctly position the resulting OpenGL. End result: hardware rendering in a guest domain, without requiring any extra hardware privileges. Awesome to the max!

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