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Blog exclusive... shocking secrets

09 September 2005   |   Anil Madhavapeddy   |   tags:   |   all posts

The time has come to reveal a dark secret, hidden for many years, subject to taunting from my esteemed colleagues (you know who you are!). Yes, its true... I dont know how to swim!. Never got around to it... sink like a rock ... nose too big ... the excuses really piled up.

However, after several viewings of Titanic on various plane journies and cheap movie nights, it was time to end this impasse. And, luckily enough, my buddy Colin in Hong Kong has a pool at his place in Tsing Yi. A mere two hours of trying later (and some expert tuition), I can do a backstroke and avoid drowning and crying like a baby! And even better, I'm spending a week in a hotel in Japan, with a pool! Is this heaven?

PS: Your turn to learn now djs. Oops, did I just reveal two dark personal secrets in this blog exclusive?

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