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Python on Symbian Series 60

24 June 2005   |   Anil Madhavapeddy   |   tags:   |   all posts

I bought a Nokia 7610 some time ago, and have taken hundreds of pictures using it. When creating the gallery section of my site, I ran into an annoying limitation: the pictures contained on the phone did not embed the date the picture was taken as part of the image. Manually copying the date and time for 350 images was a bit much as well...

The problem with sending images via Bluetooth to my laptop is that the OBEX transfer stamps the date of the transfer instead of the date the picture was taken. There turned out to be a conveniently easy answer to this problem though, as Nokia released a version of Python for Symbian Series 60. This suddenly elevates the phone from being a complete pain to program (due to the Symbian C++ libraries being amazingly badly documented), to something that's actually quite usable.

It took about an hour to come up with the first cut of imgcollect.py, which assembles a list of mtimes for each image on my phone, performs Bluetooth Device Discovery, and transmits the mtimes and all the pictures to my laptop. After that, a little shell script on the laptop is enough to stamp the pictures with the correct mtime:

while read FNAME MTIME; do
        DATE=`date -r $MTIME "+%G%m%d%H%M.%S"`
        touch -t $DATE $FNAME

I'm actually quite impressed with Nokia at last! Next step is to work out a two-way synchronization so that I don't keep re-transmitting images which I already have on the phone (unfortunately, iSync is pretty useless with the Nokia 7610, even in Tiger).

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