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Arise, MLBlog

23 May 2005   |   Anil Madhavapeddy   |   tags:   |   all posts

I got tired of trying to combine the various blogging and gallery tools into something that did what I wanted: take a simple directory of images, blog entries, links, papers and output a nice HTML/RSS version of the directory. So I hacked up a quick blog tool in OCaml that does the trick, and put it live.

Its got quite a few rough edges at the moment, especially to do with the lack of date archives and the large number of images on the front page of the gallery. Note that the location of the RSS links have changed as well, as I've switched to using ocaml-rss for outputting it instead of the homebrew format used before in blosxom. One thing that has come out really well is the use of a flat tag namespace instead of the previous directory structure; it allows me to share stories and images among multiple categories without needing symlink hacks.

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