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Interesting info on Tiger and QuickTime

21 October 2004   |   Anil Madhavapeddy   |   tags:   |   all posts

AppleInsider has the scoop on the new features in QuickTime 7, to be part of the next major release of MacOS X. The thing I found particularly interesting is to be found at the end:

Likewise, QuickTime 6.6 with also mark the debut of an OpenGL texture context, a specific implementation of the aforementioned visual context that will provide a movie's visual data to a client applications as OpenGL textures. These textures can then be rendered to the screen using OpenGL, composited with other graphics, or run through CoreImage filters.

I played with this stuff at Fraser Research last summer, and its great to see more integrated support between QT and OpenGL. This stuff could be done before, but it was really awkward avoiding excessive data copying between main memory and the graphics card texture memory. Hmm, maybe I made a mistake ordering my new HushPC box to run MythTV on; perhaps it ought to have been an iMac instead! The CoreImage API looks pretty useful as well for processing ultra-high resolution images for SpotCode detection as well, something that takes a lot of CPU at the moment.

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